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Justyna Pankowska, Owner

Justyna is the founder of Studio Meksyk that specializes in food & drinks and people photography. With a tireless attitude and a true commitment, Justyna puts a lot of effort to create stunning and unique photographs for her clients. Her passion for food and relentless commitment to hard work and curiosity is what makes her stand out from the crowd. 

Facilities at her studio include Nikon and sigma digital equipment, Fomei lights, a fully functional kitchen, as well as a wide range of props and custom-made backdrops. The studio offers a complete in-house workflow from pre-production through photography to post production. Her studio beside Warszawa is not only a place for the daily work routine, but also for experimenting with new ideas.

"My love for photography began with my very first DSLR a little Nikon d90 gifted to me by my dearest family. My camera and photography itself has taught me to have a deeper appreciation for basic human emotions and expressions. It has taught me to see all the beauty in life that is sometimes hidden. And, perspective; I’ve learned to look beyond what is….to seeeverything, everyone and every situation for it’s potential to be beautiful and not to let that moment slip away"


Raised in a culinary household, Justyna Pankowska her always found greater value to food than it's ability to nourish and sustain life. Intrigued by it's effects on human development and identity,  HE uses his ability to craft light, and tell stories through his imagery. He uses these skills to bring out the underlying relationships that we share with food. 

I genuinely love photography
— Justyna Pankowska


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Food & Drink Photography

Justyna offers a wealth of experience and expertise in all food aspects, a passion and love for creating the best food photography around. Her studios feature fully equipped kitchen facilities, an extensive range of props and backgrounds. 

Your food photography session can take place at your business location or in our studio… whichever suits you best. All images will be supplied in high-resolution (for eye-popping print, brochures, menus and signage) and low-resolution (for speedy loading websites, e-commerce stores, social media and email newsletters). 

Recipes and raw produce for magazines and cook-books, restaurant interiors/exteriors, chef/food producer portraits, food in action, farms/food production.

People eat with their eyes as well as their tongues.
— Justyna Pankowska

Product and Packshot Photography

Product photography has very similar routines as studio photography where you control every aspect of the environment.

White background cut out shots are perfect, but there are times when projects demand something more sophisticated. Consider adding a drop shadow, a nice reflection or mood lighting. Maybe a dramatic angle combined with special lighting techniques or other effects such as smoke and mirrors will do the trick.

We can provide various creative background effects, including coloured backgounds, dark and moody settings, dazzling and eye-catching backgrounds or anything specific that you want us to do.

Spa and Beauty, Medical Equipment and Services, Florists and Nurseries, Clothing & Fashion, Jewelry & Watches, Industrial, Coins and Collectibles, Consumer Products 



Studio Meksyk is an upscale commercial photo studio specializing in food and products photography for local and national brands, restaurants, chefs, cookbooks, food-related subjects and shops. Clients enjoy a collaborative approach, tip-worthy service and a uniquely enjoyable experience, resulting in mouthwatering imagery that distinguishes — and tempts the senses.


Feel free to visit us and discuss the available offers.